Posted on Nov 7, 2018


Winter tips from Thomas Kapinos.
Fuel supply:
Keep an area cleared around your gas meter and exterior fuel supply shut off.
Indoor carbon monoxide and fire safety.
CO gas can't be seen, smelled or heard. Install a combination smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector and test weekly to ensure it is properly working.
Have an annual inspection of your chimney, heating equipment and gas dryer.
NEVER use an oven or stove top as a heat source.
NEVER run a gas generator in any enclosed space.
NEVER use any portable grill indoors.
Signs of CO poisoning include: fatigue, coughing, headache, dizziness, nausea or overall paleness.
If experiencing the conditions above and suspect CO gas, open windows and move to fresh air, then call your fuel provider or 911.
If you have a sudden smell of natural fuel gas in your home or building, leave the premises immediately, shut off the main gas supply from outdoors and call your gas supplier or 911.
If you need safety tags for your main utility supply shut offs, we provide the service starting at $150.